Core Values

Our mission is to protect the best interests of our clients in China, whether Protection and Indemnity Clubs, shipowner or charterer members, Hull and Machinery Underwriters, with effective high quality advice and agreed intervention displaying the highest standard of professionalism, integrity and commercial prudence. In serving our clients we always adhere to instructions and act in the best interests of our clients.

Our core value is to be client orientated and our services focus on:

Ø  Confidentiality and Integrity

Ø  Experienced and skilled team having nautical, technical and legal expertise

Ø  Worldwide and 24/7 availability

Ø  Standardized and easy to read reports

Ø  Transparency and fair billing

Goals and Objectives:

※  Providing high quality services with a commercial mentality. 

※  Using our very well established network of offices in different port of China, our relations, connections and experience to facilitate our customer services.

※  Providing immediate legal assistance as and whenever required. 

※  Applying a different approach to the handling of classical and small casualties / claims and with the aim of solving all cases, in the minimum time possible and at the best obtainable terms.

※  Providing all these services at exceptionally competitive prices.