Correspondent Team

Cao Dong
Claims Director
Head Office

Tel: +86 (21) 3539 2900
Mobile: +86 139 1610 7273


Over 18 years of experiences working in a well know P&I correspondent office in Shanghai, PRC China after graduated from Shanghai Maritime University in 2000, majored in International Shipping Management. Mr. Cao Dong handled over thousands of marine cases covering the full range and all kinds of both P&I and H&M claims.



Liu Fei
Claims Director
Qingdao Office (North Operation Center)

Tel: +86 (532) 8163 5946‬
Mobile: +86 186 6395 7368‬


Mr. Liu graduated from Dalian Maritime University in 1998,obtained the Master’s Degrees in Transport Planning and Management as well as MBA. He has more than 6 years of navigation experiences as a seaman and has more than 13 years of claims handling experience as P&I correspondent. Mr. Liu handled thousands of various marine cases, involving all type of vessels. Mr. Liu’s experiences covered the full spectrum of P&I and H&M claims.



Zhang Junrong
Claims Director
Guangzhou Office (South Operation Center)

Tel: +86 (20) 8415 9756‬
Mobile: +86 180 2934 3525


Mr. Zhang graduated from Dalian Maritime University with bachelor's degree in 2006. After three years working in China Shipping Agency, Mr Zhang obtained lawyer license in 2009 and master's degree in maritime law in 2011 at Shanghai Maritime University. Mr. Zhang worked as correspondent in Huatai for 8 years and handled various P&I and H&M claims. Mr. Zhang is executive member of council in Shipping Law Research Association of Guangdong Law Society.


Dai Xiali
Claims Manager

Tel: +86 (21) 3539 2530
Mobile: +86 138 1735 7973


Dai Xiali graduated from Shanghai Maritime University in 2004 with a Master’s Degree in Transport Planning and Management. She has worked as P&I correspondent in China for over 14 years, and is well experienced in handling various types of P&I claims as well as H&M claims.


Ji Peng
Marketing Director

Tel: +86 (21) 3539 2904
Mobile: +86 138 1833 8891


Graduated from The University of Adelaide,majored in Project Management. He has worked as Marine underwriter and claim handler in the Chinese biggest insurance company for over 10 years, and served for shipowner as project manager, such as CCCC, CSCL, COSCO shipping, CP Management etc., who is well experienced in handling various types of Marine Claim.


Cheng Yanmin
Marine Consultant

Tel: +86 (21) 3503 6819
Mobile: +86 137 1865 22563


Capt. Cheng Yanmin graduated from Shanghai Maritime University, joined China P&I Club in March 2008 after 8 years of sea-going experience. He is a Master Mariner and responsible for Technical services. He handles both P&I and H&M claims in his correspondent jobs.


Huang Shujuan
Legal Consultant

Tel: +86 (21) 3503 6875
Mobile: +86 136 6165 1569


Ms. Huang Shujuan, graduated from Shanghai Maritime University in the major of maritime law in 2010. She has an LLM in Maritime Law and the Legal Professional Qualification Certificate of China. She had worked as a claim handler in one of the famous correspondent company in China and is experienced in handling various types of maritime cases.


Wang Yong
Marine Consultant

Tel: +86 (21) 3503 6818
Mobile: +86 180 4268 4915


Capt. Wang Yong, a Master Mariner, graduated from Dalian Maritime University (DMU) majoring in marine navigation in July 1999. He has more than 15 years of sea-going experience and during his signing off period, he used to work in a number of ship management companies, in charge of ship operation, crew management and cargo operation business.


Cao Shufeng
Senior Lawyer

Tel: +44 (0) 203 146 8805


Mr. Shufeng Cao graduated from Shanghai Maritime University with a Bachelor of Law degree. He worked as a maritime lawyer and maritime judge for more than 20 years. He has a rich working knowledge of the shipping industry.


Senior Consultants

Li Zhenjiang
Cheif Engineer

Tel: +86 (21) 3503 6855


Mr. Li Zhenjiang graduated from Dalian Maritime University in 1985, majored in Marine Engineering. He has 10 years sea-going experience and obtained his Chief Engineer qualification when he got disembarked in the end of 1994. He was assigned with the responsibility of technical services but also handled all types of P&I and H&M claims as part of his correspondent jobs.


Ge Mu
Master Mariner

Tel: +86 (21) 3503 6829


Capt. Ge Mu had worked on board for more than 18 years in the fleet of COSCO Tianjin since 1975 including 10 years shipmaster experience. He pursued academic studies in Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College and training courses in Guang Hua School of Management, Peking University. With a career in shipping industry for over 40 years, Mr. Ge Mu has rich experience in ship operation and ship management.