Surveyor Appointment

One of our first tasks is to appoint surveyors - be it to ascertain the extent and cause of cargo or hull damage, investigate collision or pollution accident, survey / tally during cargo loading or unloading operations or provide P&I, H&M, on/off hire condition survey reports, etc. 

Our team appoints the best-qualified surveyor for the intervention with which it has been entrusted, ensures that he is fully cognizant with all aspects of the matter in hand and advises him of the specific points which will maximize the defense of our customer’s interests. The evidence provided by our surveyors optimizes the negotiating power of our claim’s handlers should a claim arise. Furthermore, our team negotiates the lowest possible survey/tally charge rates, liaises regularly with the surveyor throughout his intervention and updates the clients accordingly. Once the intervention is complete, our offices ensure that the final report is received at soon as possible, sending it by email unless a hard copy has been specifically requested.

Our surveyors are available to attend on board a ship at sea or in berth, at the receiver’s premises, or wherever is appropriate and at whatever time or day their presence is required. The long and stable relationships created with these surveyors over our years of collaboration with them enable us to propose a quality and efficient service to our clients at the most reasonable cost.