Assistance in Provision of security

One of our most important roles is to assist in the placement of LOU (Letters of Undertaking) when security is demanded, normally by cargo interests for alleged cargo damage/loss, but also by local port authorities for physical damage to port installations and/or pollution.

As an affiliated company to China Shipowners Mutual Assurance Association (China P&I Club), we will be able to arrange for the LOU issued by China P&I Club, which is well and widely acceptable to the claimants in China, including Chinese courts and local authorities (MSA, Customs etc.).

In all cases our immediate 24 hour availability, action and swift communication with Clubs and their Members in arranging the security is vital to prevent vessel arrest or detention on completion of operations.

Whatever the matter is, Shanghai Pandi Services always act with smart in order to not delay operations and for an immediate sailing of vessel after completion of cargo operations.