Claim Handling

We as a commercial correspondent delivers “commercial quality” services and responses to claims handling. By “commercial quality” we mean that time and effort is concentrated on the salient issues and a fast, effective and practical response is provided to incidents arising. The aim being to lessen the clients’ claims exposure.

Resolving claims prior to incurring the cost of extensive litigation is the key to controlling losses. Our aim is to resolve claims on amicable basis thus avoiding delays and costly court proceedings. With its team of highly qualified and experienced claim handlers, we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of professionalism with a view of providing the best assistance to our clients.

We maintain good and healthy relations with local Marine Authorities, Governmental Bodies, Ports and terminal management, which gives us ability to mediate the claims in more prompt and efficient way.

Additionally, our extensive network of experienced surveyors in China, are able to provide a comprehensive service of assistance to Masters, Owners and P&I Clubs alike whatever and whenever a problem may arise. We also have a network of lawyers which we appoint when necessary. In many cases we are on site from the time of the initial incident and handle the claim through to payment of funds by way of settlement.