Personal Injury

In collaboration with the ship’s agents, our team helps with arrangements regarding relevant hospitalization and/or medical assistance. Hospitalized crew members/non-crew members are visited and we ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. A full report concerning the condition of the crew member/non-crew member and the estimated medical and general repatriation costs is provided to the Club/Owner. In the unfortunate eventuality that the crew member/non-crew member is deceased, we deals with all the formalities such as appointing an experienced undertaker, contacting the Consulate/Embassy, arranging an autopsy, death certificate, sealed coffin, etc. and ensures that the crew member is repatriated in a timely fashion. For all repatriations, we carefully checks and, if appropriate, approves all the invoices for the repatriation costs on behalf of the Club.

Service Description:

1. Incident Management

Incident Investigation

Ascertain facts and circumstances of the incident, instructing and supervising competent surveyors as needed
Assist Master in dealing with local Authorities
Take statements from crew and other relevant witnesses
Collect relevant documentation

Illness or Injury

Ascertain nature and extent of the illness or injury, instructing and monitoring competent physicians and medical facilities as needed
Arrange transportation to suitable medical facilities
Monitor person's condition and progress, reporting as needed
Arrange repatriation arrangements

Loss of Life

Arrange repatriation of remains and personal effects
Assist in arranging funeral services in China

Vessel Arrest or threat thereof

Ascertain circumstances of the arrest or threat thereof
Negotiate nature and amount of security
Issue LOUs on P&I underwriters' behalf and authority
Assist in setting up other types of security
Assist in satisfying other demands from claimants (documents, statements, surveys, etc.)
Instruct, monitor and assist competent lawyers as needed

2. Claims Management:

Out of Court

Act as Focal Point for claims submission
Claim inventorying, indexing and reporting
Claim analysis
Propose strategy to handle claim
Reject claims or negotiate settlement
Arrange settlement & obtain relevant releases

In Court

Ascertain circumstances of the legal action
Attempt to stay proceedings and continue handling amicably
Instruct and monitor competent lawyers as necessary
Assist appointed lawyers with facts and technical advice
Monitoring legal proceedings
Assist with settlement payments

3. Recovery Actions:

Identify possible liable third parties
Recommend steps to protect recovery actions
Assist in conducting recovery actions in China